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Callum McSherry is a talented musician teaching private in-home violin and music theory lessons in the Denver area.
University of Bristol
Bachelor of Arts
Music Performance
University of Bristol
Doctoral Candidate
Callum McSherry
Violin, Acoustic Guitar, Music Theory

Callum McSherry is a classically trained violinist and a self-taught acoustic guitarist who moved to Denver from London at the end of 2015 with a wealth of experience garnered from 17 years of musical training and performance. Callum always knew he wanted to play the violin and begged his parents for several years before they let him start learning violin and piano at the age of 7. Between the ages of 12 - 18 Callum was accepted into the junior department of Trinity College of Music (London) before going onto achieve 1st class honours in his Music BA at the University of Bristol. Callum is currently performing regularly in Denver and giving violin, guitar and theory lessons whilst undertaking a PhD in Musicology.

Alongside his education, Callum has always been heavily involved with performance, composition, recording and music production and it was while undertaking his BA that Callum took a more serious interest in playing the acoustic guitar, creating his own cover arrangements by ear and writing song upon song. Whether touring the UK festival scene playing electric violin with reggae/hip-hop artists, sharing his own songs everywhere from cozy country pubs to corporate showcases, or writing and recording albums in the studio, Callum is always dedicating himself to making music.

Callum enjoys working with a range of people and tailors his approach in order to deliver the best results for the individual in hand. Whether this is a middle-schooler looking for some supplementary violin lessons to help with band, a music student looking for some help with essay writing, or even someone just looking to get a bit better at playing that old guitar that is lying around the house, Callum has been through every stage of musical education and will endeavor to help you not only achieve your goals, but enjoy getting there as well.

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