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Ryan Herbst is a dedicated musician teaching private in-home guitar and banjo lessons in the Denver area.
Colorado State University
Bachelor of Arts
Ryan Herbst
Guitar, Banjo

Ryan Herbst is a passionate banjo and guitar player, educator, and advocate for the long tradition of American roots music. With enthusiasm and knowledge, he encourages his students to become keepers of this deep musical tradition.

Like many of his generation, Ryan started out playing 80s rock guitar in middle school. One fateful day in high school, he found a cheap banjo at a yard sale and began a lifelong obsession with exploring the roots of American folk music. Ryan has been playing in bands, teaching, learning, and jamming around the Colorado music community for over 30 years.

Ryan's biggest passions are Scruggs style banjo, bluegrass flatpicking guitar, and electric and acoustic blues guitar. He is eager to share his love of traditional music, but willing to learn and teach anything. Ryan believes the teacher should follow the student on their own musical path. Students are most inspired to practice when playing the music they love. Ryan tries to teach theory in a context that makes sense to the student, encourages improvisation from an early level, and uses fun finger exercises to break up the monotony of learning.

In addition to teaching, Ryan is an active performer and collaborator within the local music community. He regularly participates in workshops, jam sessions, and festivals, where he continues to expand his skills and share his passion with fellow musicians and enthusiasts.

Ryan's goal as a teacher is to inspire his students to get out and play with others, build a repertoire of songs recognized worldwide, and join the global community of folk and bluegrass musicians.

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