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Vinny Crippen is a talented performer teaching private in-home guitar and piano lessons in the Denver area.
University of Colorado Denver
Bachelors of Arts
Degree Candidate
Vinny Crippen
Guitar, Piano

Vinny Crippen is an experienced guitar player, composer and teacher. He started playing guitar when he was just in elementary school, and has kept with it ever since. In high school Vinny was one of the most notable musicians in the school, performing in the jazz band, as well as multiple bands around town. His passion for music was recognized and he received a few scholarships to continue his dream of pursuing music at The University of Colorado Denver.

Vinny has been teaching students how to play guitar. While teaching Vinny will work with you to make sure you understand the concepts of guitar. Not just teaching you how to play songs, but teaching you chords, scales, posture, and music theory. The skills taught in lessons will cover the spectrum of knowledge, and help students be able to compose their own songs. He works with students to progress them at the rate that's comfortable and makes lessons fun!

Currently Vinny lives in Denver Colorado and is a full time musician. He is pursuing a music degree from CU Denver, and continues learning from amazing professors and performing in the ensembles on campus. He continues working with incredible musicians, composing new music, and teaching his skills onto others.

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