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Bryan Teets is a talented musician teaching private in-home guitar and bass guitar lessons in the Denver area.
University of Colorado-Denver
Bachelor of Science Candidate
Bryan Teets
Guitar, Bass Guitar

Bryan has been playing the guitar for over ten years. He first started playing at age seven and is now nineteen; he has been playing the guitar ever since. When Bryan was young, he decided that he wanted to be the one making the music he heard. This is ultimately what made him want to start playing.

Soon after he began learning the guitar, he realized his genuine passion for music. Along with the guitar, Bryan also learned how to play the bass and piano. In high school, Bryan was the music teacher to fellow high school students and was responsible for teaching songs and instrumentation to those students. He graduation high school as valedictorian and received the Students' Choice Award--a highly demanded award which was rewarded to the student who demonstrated outstanding character and scholastic excellence. Bryan is now a student at the University of Colorado, Denver and is pursuing a career in business; however, while business will be his profession, music will always be his passion. Bryan is excited to pass on his knowledge of music to future students and will do everything he can to help his students excel and succeed.

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