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Joey Lowery is a talented musician teaching private in-home guitar, piano and drum lessons in the Denver area.
Colorado Christian University
Bachelor of Music
Degree Candidate
Joey Lowery
Guitar, Drums, Piano

Joey Lowery began playing drums and guitar at the early age 10. In his day, Lowery has been trained and guided by Emmy-winning composer, Charles Denler, and Emmy-winning audio engineer/producer, Gary Neiman. He has also had formal Piano and Vocal training throughout both his high school and collegiate years. Lowery is attaining a Bachelor’s degree in Music at Colorado Christian University on multiple scholarships, and has studied intensive music theory, as well as sight singing and ear training.

His teaching style is very flexible, and he loves working to find any new possible ways for his students to learn and grow musically.

Currently, Joey Lowery is the lead vocalist and front-man of a Denver-based Indie Rock/Power Pop band called “The Solid Ocean.” They have played in 5+ Denver venues, as well in AZ, and they are performing in various cities throughout the states of Colorado, California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, and Nevada in 2016. The Solid Ocean has been interviewed by AXS Denver, and has performed with big-name acts in the indie-rock music scene that include Coasts, Knox Hamilton, Grayshot, and many others. Through his own music, Lowery desires to create art through sound so that people can easily connect with each other through common themes of Love, Fear, Sorrow, Hope, and every other type of human experience imaginable.

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