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Steven Fordham is an accomplished musician teaching private in-home piano and composition lessons in the Denver area.
Rocky Mountain College, Billings Montana
Piano Performance, Composition, and Accompaniment studies
Steven Fordham
Piano, Composition, Vocal Coaching

Steven began his career in music during his high school years. He played piano and keyboards professionally, performing popular music genres including rock and jazz, accompanied choirs, and served as church organist for various churches. He then had the opportunity to study in San Francisco, California, with Schubert Award winner Rosalyn Franz, who acted as his mentor for accompanist and vocal coaching in opera as well as professional piano studies. He also took advantage of a highly supportive environment to pursue his studies in composition.

Steven has played as a solo pianist in major hotel venues throughout Seattle, Washington, and Colorado. Steven was choir director for the Denver Metro Bahai’ Choir for 12 yrs. He is currently with the Althea Center in Denver as a solo pianist, organist, accompanist and composer, playing weekly and composing chamber works for musicians from the Colorado Symphony, Lamont School of Music, and a multitude of other venues. He is a firm believer in sharing his musical experience with students. As a teacher, Stephen instills confidence in his students with humility, and values the happiness that music can bring to life.

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