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Nathan Johnson is an accomplished musician teaching private in-home piano and guitar lessons in the Denver area.
Colorado Christian University
Bachelor of Arts: Piano Performance
Colorado Christian University
Bachelor of Arts: Audio Engineering & Production
Nathan Johnson
Piano, Guitar

Nathan began playing piano at the age of 4 years old. Though he continued playing for a few years, the turning point for Nathan came during high school, when he picked up the piano again and also added voice lessons into the mix. It was then that he truly fell in love with music, and it became clear that music was what he wanted to pursue in life.

From that point on, Nathan quickly became very active as a musician, playing in piano competitions and forming bands. With the help of his amazing teachers, he pushed himself, practicing about 4 hours a day, to become the best he could be. By the time high school ended, he was able to pick almost any college he wanted to go to for music.

Four years later, Nathan graduated with honors from Colorado Christian University with a double major in Piano Performance and Audio Engineering. In addition to teaching, Nathan works for a talent agency playing piano. He also plays in various bands around Colorado, and has his own recording studio in his home where he records, writes, and teaches audio production.

Nathan has been teaching music since 2010, and it is his greatest passion. His goal is to spread the love and joy of music to every student he teaches. Nathan's philosophy is that music should be something the students wants to learn, not something forced on them. The truest way to teach music is not only to teach the student to read and play, but to love music! Through the application of this philosophy, Nathan has seen tremendous growth in his students. He is able to form a bond with both his students and their families, which makes the each lesson more and more comfortable and meaningful for all.

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