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Andrew Wright is an accomplished musician teaching private in-home piano lessons in the Denver area.
Colorado Christian University
Bachelor of Music: Music Production and Engineering
Andrew Wright

Andrew Wright began playing piano at the young age of 8. He also played guitar and violin during his teenage years, but it wasn’t until his undergraduate studies that he truly became serious about music. When it came time to pick a major, Andrew realized that if he did not play and study music the rest of his life, he would not be truly happy. What his childhood piano lessons had lacked was a teaching style that would unlock the joy and applicability of music. Fortunately for Andrew, his college courses provided what had been lacking, and things started to "click" for him. Andrew studied and played classical guitar and piano while formally studying music and music engineering/production. His love of music theory grew and grew, becoming his favorite subject, and as a result, his piano playing only got better as his understanding of theory improved.

After reflecting long and hard on where his talents and abilities could best be used, and inspired by his excellent professors and teachers at CCU, Andrew decided to teach music himself. Andrew has truly caught the "teaching bug" and does anything and everything to teach and inspire his students. The most important element of Andrew's lessons is fun. He believes that if you are doing something, especially for most of your day, it better be fun! Andrew is passionate about helping his students learn to love and enjoy music, whether they become professionals, or simply lifelong lovers of music. 

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