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Meyer Neel is a dedicated musician teaching private in-home bass, guitar, piano, and voice lessons in the Denver area.
University of Denver
Master of Music Candidate: Double Bass Performance
University of Missouri
Bachelor of Music: Double Bass Performance
Meyer Neel
Bass, Guitar, Piano, Voice

Meet Meyer Neel, a fantastic teacher for any student wanting to take their love of music to the next level.  Meyer is a double bass professional, multi-instrumentalist, well-rounded and fun teacher from Sikeston, MO.  His philosophy is based on playing music for others and using it to make a positive impact in the world. His teaching reflects the attitude that playing music should be easy and fun, and his multi-dimensional approach encourages students to play at the level at which they see themselves. His goal is to help his students to see their own musical paths unfold, and to help them overcome the occasional challenge along the way.  

Meyer’s curious musical journey began at age eleven in a public school orchestra room, the same way many other great musicians started out.  After picking up the double bass, his love of music quickly grew to include guitar, drums, and piano. Meyer was a bassist and utility musician in his church band for six years, and successfully taught a personal studio of twenty-five guitar students.  When a teacher recognized his potential and encouraged him to audition, Meyer was awarded the University of Missouri’s highest musical scholarship.

Meyer quickly honed his bass skills at MU and was blessed to receive a wealth of playing opportunities while studying under his teacher Sue Stubbs. This helped him win solo competitions, secure professional orchestra jobs, play in numerous jazz and rock ensembles, and ultimately helped Meyer develop a wide palette of musical knowledge and experience.

Meyer values a multicultural approach to music, whether that means playing at a jam to learn from a great drummer, or international travel to places like the Forbidden City Concert Hall in Beijing.  There is always something to learn from the way someone else plays or listens! He enjoys spending his time learning about musical culture and recently travelled to Vienna to hear Mozart’s Requiem performed.

After graduating from MU in 2016 with a degree in string bass performance, Meyer taught K-8 music and choir for two years in Jefferson City, MO.  Being a part of children’s first steps in music was a life-changing experience for Meyer that has impacted his playing and teaching in numerous ways. He has also taught group piano classes and now offers one-on-one lessons for beginning piano students. 

Meyer moved to Denver, CO in July of 2018 with his amazing wife Meaghan, in order to study bass at the highest level with Susan Cahill at the University of Denver, be inspired by the mountains, and be a part of an incredible music scene.  Since arriving, Meyer has also founded the Denver Double Bass Crew, to help public school teachers better teach double bass and provide instrument relief for kids who need it. Since July the DDC has taught over sixty bass players, and repaired or replaced six different basses.

Meyer is a regular performer and teacher in the Denver area, who with his diverse musical background will bring inspired teaching to your home.  Whatever your skill level or age, Meyer will customize lessons that are fun, engaging and meaningful. Whatever your vision for your musical journey, Meyer will help make it a reality!

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