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Ryan Kargoll is a talented musician and performer teaching private in-home guitar, drum, piano, and bass lessons in the Denver area.
Metropolitan State College of Denver
Bachelor of Arts
Guitar Performance
In Progress
Ryan Kargoll
Guitar, Drums, Piano, Bass

Ryan Kargoll began his celebration of music at the age of 12 with the purchase of his first guitar. Almost immediately, he dedicated his life to becoming the best musician he could be and inspiring others who dabbled in the art to do the same. His passion for music lead him to Metropolitan State University of Denver to study classical guitar performance and music composition with renowned pedagogue, Alex Komodore and well-known composer, Dr. Fred Hess. His efforts in the music department have earned him multiple scholarships, including the special recognition and the Jim Altman scholarship, as well as a 3.47 GPA.

In school, Ryan has excelled in piano and string techniques and pedagogy classes, making him a great teacher of many instruments. An avid theorist, Ryan spends a lot of his time studying and cataloguing his theoretical ideas about harmony, melody, and composition. His studies in rhythm have also made him a notable musician and teacher behind a drum kit.

Ryan performs regularly at weddings, in concert, and with the MSUD guitar ensemble. He also has experience performing in local Denver bands such as INRAEN and Acousma. His eclectic musical taste ranges from classical to jazz, from world music to heavy metal, and everything in-between.

Ryan strives to make his students passionate about his or her practice and to turn music into a life-long interest. He believes that everyone has the potential to do great things, and those who try will succeed. This philosophy has compelled Ryan to become a teacher, one who directly affects each student’s perspective, progress, and passion, and who has the ability to turn students into outstanding, thinking musicians.

For older or more advanced students, Ryan teaches material based on his or her musical goals and aspirations. Younger students and beginners will learn the fundamentals of music and technique, which will ensure their progress is built on a solid foundation should they decide to pursue a career in music.

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