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Zach West is a talented performer and musician teaching private in-home drum, marimba, xylaphone, vibraphone, bass and piano lessons in the Denver area.
Metropolitan State University of Denver
Bachelor of Arts
Zach West
Drum, Marimba, Xylaphone, Vibraphone, Bass, Piano

Zach West has been playing music since 1993 and has been teaching music lessons since 2000. At the tender age of seven he saw Dizzy Gillespie play and wanted to play music from that moment on. He started teaching younger students from the High school he attended at the request of his former teacher.

Zach teaches drum set, mallet percussion, as well as electric bass, and piano. His expertise is in styles of music such as jazz, rock, classical and orchestral. For advanced students, Zach teaches more sophisticated styles including: Afro-Cuban, funk, hip-hop, odd-time signature beats and linear drumming. Zach focuses his instruction on the development of musical performance, intelligence, and creativity. Zach believes that humor and having fun are great ways to motivate an increase in discipline and commitment.

Zach earned a Bachelor of Arts in Jazz Studies from Metropolitan State College of Denver. The highlight of Zach’s music career is playing at Red Rock’s for their 60th birthday celebration. ‘I believe that music can be a powerful tool to increase intelligence and cultivate creativity.’



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