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Toni Kelaidis is a talented performer and musician teaching private in-home piano lessons in the Denver area.
University of Denver
Masters of Arts
University of Colorado
Bachelors of Music
Toni Kelaidis

Toni’s earliest musical memory is sitting at the piano next to one of her older cousins as he played Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. Watching his hands move magically across the keys both awed and inspired her. Shortly after that she started lessons (even before she started school).Once she started the music seeped into her mind, soul and body and has fortunately never left. Toni has enjoyed playing throughout all of her school years(grade school, middle school, and high school) accompanying various school choirs and playing solos. She graduated with a B.M. from the University of Colorado and M.A. from the University of Denver.

In the 4th grade she was lucky enough to have a piano teacher who showed her how learning piano could be fun and not just a series of learning songs from different method books. Mary Jo Mitchell introduced the idea of playing games and other activities during the lesson to make it more enjoyable so that you wanted to keep learning. Her love and passion for music and teaching influenced Toni and her desire to teach. Mary Jo had enough confidence in her to ask her if she would be interested in teaching younger students when Toni was 12 years old. Starting her on her musical career.

She approaches teaching her students the way she would like to be taught. Each student is treated as an individual.....there are no cookie cutters. She wants to know their likes/dislikes, the best way for them learn (hands on, observing etc.) and to make sure above all that their musical experience with her is fun! This teaching philosophy has carried her for over 20 years of teaching. Seeing her own students succeed, many of them receiving degrees in music, and carrying on a passion for music is truly the highlight of her career.


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