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John Pakalenka is a dedicated musician teaching private lessons online and in the Denver area.
Musical Experience:
40+ years playing performing and recording experience
Played With:
"Balls of Fire" with Peter Criss of "Kiss fame" in late 80's in Los Angeles, CA
In the Mid-late 70's was "Shadow" from Seattle, WA
Performed in:
B horror flick movie " New Years Evil" in 1980
"Losing Juliet" from Denver, CO
Teaching Experience:
19+ Years
John Pakalenka
Guitar, Bass

John (JP) Pakalenka joined his first band at 12 years of age playing in junior high and high school in the Boise, Idaho area. His first experience at teaching guitar started when he was 17 years of age for about a year.When he graduated from high school, he was all set to hit the road, but after 3 months the band returned. During that time, he received a call from a booking agent that got him back on the road again, this time for a good 7 years.

JP toured with a very popular band named "Shadow" from Seattle. They toured most parts of the country including Alaska and Hawaii. In 1980, the band got signed in Los Angeles by Cannon Records & Films. The band starred in and performed the sound track for the movie "New Years Evil." Playing with a local blues band in Hollywood, JP was getting his feel back for the blues/rock genre he grew up on. Soon after, he had joined up with an upcoming band "Jane", which eventually would be named "Balls of Fire" with Peter Criss, a member of the music Hall of Fame legendary rock band KISS. Though the band was never signed, they got a lot of national and international publicity and became surprisingly well known. In 1989, JP moved to Denver and met some local musicians with similar musical taste, quickly becoming involved with the music scene.

In 1995, he began teaching guitar again and found his passion for helping others. JP has been teaching electric, acoustic, and bass guitar lessons for over 19 years and is well versed on all three instruments. He has taught students of all ages from 6 years of age to senior citizens and is able to work well with anyone that would like to learn! He would like to pass on this wonderful gift of guitar playing that started with him when he was just 12 years old, and to show that anyone can have this as a fun and creative outlet!

Along with playing with numerous local cover bands, original bands, and multiple recording sessions working with artists, along with recording TV and radio commercials, JP has also co-written music with a local producer in Denver for the big Jumbotron screens for the Rockies base ball team, the Broncos, and the Colorado Avalanche.  This won them local awards and national recognition. In 2001, JP also served his church where he became a contemporary worship leader for seven years and is also well versed in Contemporary Christian music.

Currently, JP is active in the local music scene playing and performing in an original band, "Patrick Dune and the Desert Hearts," and filling in with other various local acts including "Buckner Funkin Jazz" band.


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