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Glenn Clark is a dedicated musician teaching private in-home piano, bass and guitar lessons in the Denver area.
Teaching Since 2020
Glenn Clark
Piano, Bass, Guitar

Glenn Clark is a seasoned musician and teacher in the Denver area. At the age of 16, having been in front of the speakers for so many years, he decided he wanted to be the one coming out of the stereo system.

He started learning to play and emulate keyboardists and guitarists like his musical heroes. Most of them are classically-trained musicians. Through private lessons and college studies, Glenn's coarse of study became electronic music and audio engineering. He picked up learning the bass guitar somewhere along the way with the same passion.

From playing bass and keyboard in a local country band to becoming a guitarist in an Austin-based alternative rock band, Glenn has explored many live avenues. Also, he has recorded and produced six albums (one being a double album), three EPs, and numerous singles. He plays all the instruments on his recordings besides drums. Glenn has played, recorded, and produced on other artists' recordings, as well.

He has been teaching after-school and private lessons since 2020. He believes that teaching how a song works using theory and technique, is as important as how to play it.

Glenn is a visual person so using story examples and an alternative way of looking at things can help students along the way all while having fun in the process.

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