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Celeste Garduno is a dedicated musician teaching private lessons online and in the Denver area.
Colorado State University-Pueblo
Bachelor of Music
Music Education
Teaching Certification:
Colorado Teaching Licensure K-12
Celeste Garduno
Piano, Bassoon, Clarinet

Celeste began her life as a musician at age 3 when she took piano lessons from her mother in their home. At the time, her mother had around 40 students, so the piano was almost always being played during weekday afternoons. Being a curious child, Celeste was interested in how the instrument worked, and thus she started her journey toward becoming a pianist. At her first lesson, she loved the piano and loved playing music. Her earliest memorable musical memory was at age 4, during her first piano concert in Orange County, California, in which she played for a crowd of 500 people as the talent portion of her skit in the Miss Junior America beauty pageant. That was the first time Celeste received a huge round of applause after a performance, and the feeling was indescribable.

Celeste decided to continue on with music through grade school and high school. In middle school, she accompanied the choir on piano when needed and in high school she played piano in the jazz band for all 4 years, receiving several outstanding musician awards at jazz festivals, including the Jenkins Jazz Jamboree. During high school, she also learned how to play both the clarinet and the bassoon. She played clarinet in marching band and bassoon in symphonic band, taking private lessons on both from her father, who was a band teacher for nearly 30 years.

In December of 2014, Celeste received her Bachelor of Arts degree in music education K-12, with an emphasis in piano and bassoon. She attended Colorado State University-Pueblo, receiving several music scholarships, including the Voss scholarship. During her time there, Celeste played piano and/or bassoon in many of the university's ensembles, including piano ensemble, wind ensemble, orchestra, woodwind quintet, bassoon ensemble, and collaborative ensemble. She also played the tuba in CSU-Pueblo's marching band for 2 years to gain experience on a brass instrument. During one semester, Celeste also sang in the chamber choir, travelling with them to Germany and Austria in May of 2014 to perform in several beautiful churches and cathedrals, including Salzburg's Dome.

Outside of school, Celeste has worked as a church musician, a private lesson teacher, and as 3rd bassoonist for Pueblo Symphony. She has performed formally in California, Germany, Colorado Springs’ Broadmoor, CSU-Pueblo's Hoag Hall and Occiato Ballroom, Ascension Episcopal Church in Pueblo, CO, and in many public schools for recruiting purposes. She has also done a few informal piano gigs for local art shows in Pueblo, CO. Her favorite types of performances are solo piano performances, whether they are formal or informal. She loves to play piano music by the composer Frederic Chopin, whom she featured often in her senior piano recital at CSU-Pueblo.

Growing up, Celeste had several influential music teachers. Both of her parents were music teachers and were of course inspiring, but two of her college professors, Dr. Zahari Metchkov and Nicole Buetti, truly molded Celeste into the musician she is today. Dr. Metchkov was Celeste's piano teacher during her college years, and is the most brilliant pianist Celeste has ever encountered. Native of Bulgaria, Dr. Metchkov firmly taught Celeste much about professionalism, practicing correctly, and what needs to be done in order for a person to become the best of the best. The more lessons she had with him, the more she was inspired to be like him. There's nobody else in this world that Celeste has more admiration and respect for. Nicole Buetti was Celeste's bassoon teacher through college, and was extremely fun to be around. Through her actions, she showed Celeste that a teacher needs to be kind and understanding to their students, and that it's great sometimes to even throw in some good-humor. Between the two of them, Celeste found her philosophy of education: it is necessary to be somewhat firm with students so that they see the importance in their success, but it is also necessary to be someone they feel comfortable going to for help, someone who makes the student excited to learn something new.

Celeste believes that music teaches students many qualities that nothing else can, including self-worth, teamwork, understanding a chain of command, patience, respect for individuals, respect for both beauty and difficulty, and working hard to achieve something. In music, there are no cutting corners to have a successful performance. Celeste learned all of these things through music, and believes she can do her part in the world by teaching those same qualities to her students. Music is incredibly powerful, and it can reveal its power without ever speaking a single word.

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