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Marie O'Brien is a dedicated musician teaching private lessons online and in the Denver area.
Suzuki Violin Association of the Americas
Certification Training
Marie O'Brien
Violin, Viola, Piano

From her earliest years, Marie’s mother would play cassette tapes or CDs of Classical music while Marie fell asleep at night. By the time she was 12 years old, her three brothers were taking violin lessons and Marie felt left out. When she finally began to take lessons, Marie realized that by playing the CDs before bed, her parents had given her all the tools she needed to be a musician. Listening is a major part of the Suzuki method. Just as a toddler speaks the language he has heard since he was born and learns the grammar afterward, so the Suzuki student begins by listening to and repeating songs, and masters reading and theory later.

Throughout grade school and high school Marie participated in youth orchestras and eventually moved up to the Murray State University Orchestra by the time she was an upperclassman. Marie and her brothers also put together a repertoire and played at weddings, funerals, and social functions in their community.

The idea of sharing the joy of music with others through teaching first came to Marie while she was volunteering at a local elementary school. This was a great opportunity for Marie to learn two important lessons: that children desire to do something beautiful themselves, and that teaching violin was a path she wished to take. So, throughout college, Marie devoted several weeks each summer to take classes and become a certified violin teacher in the Suzuki Method.

The goal of Marie’s teaching is not simply to produce great musicians, but more importantly, to bring a love and appreciation of beauty and music to the students she teaches. That, after all, was the true goal of Shinichi Suzuki, and the reason why he developed his method.

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