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Grace Woolf is a dedicated musician teaching private lessons online and in the Denver area.
Complete Vocal Institute
Authorized CVT Teacher Candidate
The Open University
Bachelor of Arts: Liberal Arts
The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance
Vocal Performance
Grace Woolf

Grace has been the proud teacher of songbirds all over the world for more than a decade. Her experience ranges from vocal damage repair, to improving speech impediments with vocal technique principles, to simply helping train voices to be the best that they can be. Grace is currently a CVT (Complete Vocal Technique) teacher-in-training at Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark. This method is designed to do what Grace loves best - getting fast results, and using concrete tools that have been backed by published scientific research. Teaching all levels, ages, and genres - from round classical sounds, to hard rock distortion, to gospel growls and country vocal breaks - all sounds are created equal in our lessons and can be produced in a healthy way. When you’re training with Grace - ain’t no such thing as "can't." We will tackle all challenges with good times and laughter. After all, we say “play” music and not “work miserably hard” at music. Let’s play :)

Before enrolling in the CVI teacher’s course, Grace used a mixture of traditional methods and modern scientific techniques that also produced fast and thorough results. She even had a two-year stint at a Music Conservatory program studying vocal performance in Jazz and Contemporary Music, before moving to NYC to record her first original album.

In conclusion: Whether you’re looking for improved singing technique or for artistic development coaching, Grace is a great fit to get your musical journey on the fast track!

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