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Madeline Gesi is an accomplished musician teaching private in-home viola and violin lessons in the Denver area.
All Ages, All Skill Levels
Madeline Gesi
Viola, Violin


Madeline Gesi has been musically involved for many years, and her passion and drive for music naturally led her to the desire to teach viola and violin. Madeline received exceptional musical training, studying under the principal violist of the Colorado Symphony, Basil Vendryes. Her extensive experience includes playing and performing a variety of genres in many musical groups, and teaching private lessons as well as both teaching and playing with orchestras throughout Colorado.  Madeline has received many awards, scholarships and won many competitions throughout her musical career, acknowledging the dedication and hard work she has invested into being the best at what she does. 

Music is more than a job or hobby for Madeline, it's a passion. She has a deep love for music which motivates her to share that passion through teaching her students. Her goal as an educator is to motivate and equip her students to help them grow as musicians, to perform to the best of their abilities. Madeline hopes to encourage her students, to push them to grow and strive to be the best they can be, and to help them experience the same joy through music that she does. Whatever the student's musical goals may be, Madeline can help him or her to reach them. She is deeply invested in her students, providing fun and effective teaching methods to help them progress effectively and produce results.

Madeline teaches students of all ages and skill levels, from total beginners to more experienced players. She customizes her lessons to match each student's unique learning style, personality, and rate of growth, using methods, plans, and structures that will most effectively help that individual student to learn and grow. Whatever the goal is, Madeline is ready and happy to help her students achieve it. 

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