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Pouya Kolahi is a dedicated musician teaching private in-home voice and piano lessons in the Denver area.
Azad University
Master of Arts
Arts Research
Pouya Kolahi
Piano, Voice

Pouya Kolahi is a singer, songwriter and piano player that began learning music at the age of 14. In 2002, at the age of 16, he produced and performed his first music album with his own lyrics, singing and composition. He has been playing piano, writing songs and producing music for over 20 years and has been teaching piano and singing since 2008.

He released a few music albums, the most important of which is “the closed tailed peacock” which was released in 2019. The album brought him the “Barbad” music award for best pop and fusion singer, as well as the honorary diploma of the best composer in 2021. He also worked as a piano player, composer, music producer and art manager with other singers in the form of albums and singles.

Pouya Kolahi is experienced in writing and performing motivational songs and considers “meaning of life” as the most important source of motivation in life. He has a master of arts degree in arts research.  

He encourages all of his students to engage in their musical life, have great artistic dreams and make them happen!

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