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Ohad Gev is a dedicated musician teaching private in-home piano lessons in the Denver area.
CU Boulder
Bachelor of Arts
Piano Performance
Ohad Gev

Ohad Gev, a native of New York City, embodies a lifelong passion for music that began at an early age. Immersed in the diverse tapestry of the city, Ohad's journey into the world of music commenced at the youthful age of 8, marked by his first delicate strokes on the piano keys. Before even setting foot in college, Ohad had already embarked on his teaching endeavors, sharing his musical expertise with eager learners, a testament to his strong dedication and early commitment to the art.

With a passion for imparting knowledge and nurturing musical talent, Ohad has found solace and gratification in teaching students across a wide spectrum of age groups. His genuine love for education is reflected in the nurturing environment he fosters, creating a space where students can not only develop their musical prowess but also find a sense of fulfillment and self-expression through the language of melodies.

His academic pursuits led him to attain a distinguished Bachelor of Arts in Piano Performance from the esteemed institution of CU Boulder, where he honed his skills and fortified his musical foundation.

Ohad's musical voyages have graced prominent stages worldwide, evoking emotions and captivating audiences in prestigious venues such as the timeless Trevi Fountain in Italy, the esteemed halls of Baruch College, and the iconic Carnegie Hall in his beloved hometown of New York. Through these experiences, he has not only showcased his own artistry but has also imbibed a profound understanding of the transformative power of music, transcending boundaries and touching the souls of listeners around the globe.

Driven by an earnest desire to kindle the flames of passion for music in others, Ohad's commitment to teaching transcends the conventional realms of imparting technical skills. He endeavors to impart his students with a holistic understanding of the amazing impact that music can have on their daily lives. By instilling invaluable traits such as diligence and discipline, he not only nurtures musical proficiency but also equips his students with the vital tools to thrive in any endeavor they choose to pursue.

As he forges ahead on his musical journey, Ohad aspires to continue his teaching legacy in the enriching setting of Boulder, where he seeks to inspire and guide the next generation of musical enthusiasts, igniting within them a lifelong love for the harmonies that enrich the human experience.

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